Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Farm Machinery & Mechanization
Farm Machinery & Mechanization Research Division

The Research Department of Mechanical Engineering in Agro Machinery and Mechanization is responsible for conduction of research in the areas of design and construction of prototype machines, efficient application of agro machinery, technical and economical evaluation to modify and adapt to relevant conditions across the country. Mechanization research aims to apply and use suitable technology to reduce costs and losses, increase efficiency and profits.

Furthermore, identification and application of emerging technologies in agro machinery such as Machine vision systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and precision farming by taking the environmental aspects and impacts into consideration.  The department consists of three research groups as below:

1- Design, construction and evaluation of prototype machines

2- Mechanization and energy use in Biosystems

3- Appropriate application of agro machinery and equipment

With regard to the country's development plans, the research policy of the department is to undertake study and apply appropriate techniques and technologies into renewable energy, conservational tillage, low pesticide use, loss reduction, and other related subjects.


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