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[_HprPDF] Mohammad Reza Mostofi Sarkari Name
Assistant Prof. Title
Scientific Board Member Division
Mechanics of Agricultural Machinery Engineering Expert knowledge
AERI Address Email
+982632705242 Telephone
+982632706277 Facsimile

A     B.Sc. (Please indicate if it was with Honours) in Agricultural Machinery Engineering from- Tabriz University (Iran), Oct. 1986-1990 .

B     M.Sc. in Mechanics of agricultural machinery engineering from-Tehran University (Iran), Oct.1991 - 1993 .

C     Ph.D. in Agricultural Machinery Engineering Educated in Cranfield University at Silsoe Collage (England), May 1997-March 2001.



A     Precision Agriculture (Yield Monitoring and Mapping Systems)

B     Design, Construction and Modification of Farm Machinery and Implements Prototype

C     New Technology in Combine Harvesting  

D     Conservation Agriculture (Residue harvesting machinery)

E     GPS/GIS system Application in Spot Agriculture

F     Research program planning and formulation


 A     Tractor Mounted Mower Binder-National Invention
                 B     Cotton Stalk Puller- National Invention

   C     Research Programme Formulation (ISNAR Programme)

       D    Membership in Agricultural Machinery Engineering and Mechanization Society

   E     Membership in Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering


Tractor Mounted Mower Binder .

Date Palm Leaf Pruning Machine .

Feasibility of Using Combines Harvesting to Harvest Legumes .

Assessment Possibility of Mechanized Harvesting of two Bean Cultivars and Economical Comparison with Conventional Method .

Mass Flow Rate Measurement System for Root Crop Harvesting .

Design, Construction and Evaluation of Cotton Stalk Puller Performance .

Assessment and Determination of Corn Harvesting Losses to Introduce Proper Strategy for Decreasing Losses .

Investigation on Performance Evaluation of Grain Loss Monitor on Combine Harvesting .

Assessment and Comparison of New Combines with Conventional Types to Recommend Modification and Improvement Parameters .

Investigation Of Suitable Method Of Mechanized Corn Residues Harvesting Based On Quality And Quantity Of Harvested Residues And Machine Performance Parameters .

Design, Construction And Performance Evaluation Of Tractor Mounted Date Palm Leaf Pruning Machine

Conceptual Design of Proper Tractor Mounted Date Palm Lifter/Service Machine.

Assessment and Field Evaluation of Grain Loss Monitor Performance on Combine Harvesting JD 1165.

Installation, Calibration and Field Evaluation of Yield Monitoring and Mapping System Performance on CLASS-510 Combine Harvesting.

Investigation on the Methods of Controlling Quantity and Quality Losses of Alfalfa during the Harvesting and Baling Process.




Investigation on Performance of a Continuous Mass Flow Rate Measurement System for Potato Harvesting- Agricultural Engineering International: The CIGR E-Journal. Manuscript PM 06 031. Vol. IX. May 2007 .

Evaluation of a Cotton Stalk Puller Performance. 2008. American- Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture. 2(1): 19-24 .

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Technical and Economical Assessment of Applying Precision Farming Using Mathematical Model on Irrigated Wheat Production. Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST) 2 (2).

Economical and Technical Study of Precision Farming Application in Conventional System of the Wheat Production in Two Agro-Industry Companies of Khuzestan Province. American Association for Science and Technology (AASCIT).

Evaluation of Yield Monitoring and Mapping System Performance in Harvesting Cereals. Agricultural Engineering Research Institute of Iran AERI.