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Packaging Engineering Expert knowledge
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B.Sc.: Agricultural Engineering –Food Science & Technology, Tehran University, Karaj, Iran, 22/09/1990.

M.Sc.: Agricultural Engineering –Food Science & Technology, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran, 8/02/1995.

Certificate of Competency for Teaching at University: Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran, 8/02/1995.

Training course:

"Food Packaging", World Bank course at Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO ), Tehran, Iran, 09/01/1998 for a Week.

"Production in Greenhouse", Innovation Practical & Training Center (IPC), EDE, The Netherlands, 4 Sep. - 6 Oct. 2000 .

Ph.D.: Packaging Engineering, Food Process & Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Dec. 2009.


Food Packaging in general,

Packaging materials,

Packaging methods (especially MAP),

Edible and non-edible films and coatings,

Biocomposites and Biopolymers,

Nanocomposites and Nanopolymers.



1.      Food Canning Syndicate Award by the First Food Industry Congress for Honor of Student, 08/O3/1990.

2.      Ag ricultural Research, Education Organization (AREO) Cash Award by AREO for Honor of Student, 22/12/1995.

3.  Bronze Medal in "Pameran Reka Cipta, Penyelidikan Dan Inovasi" (PRPI) 2009 Exhibition for presenting research paper of thesis ( Characterization and Preparation of Biocomposite from Kenaf Cellulose and Low Density Polyethylene for Food Packaging Application) , UPM, Malaysia.


1. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of Apple, Agricultural Research, Education and Extention Organization (AREEO), No.77/53, 1998. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

2. Determination of Important Factors in Walnut Packaging, AREEO, No. 77/654, 1999. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

3. Quality and Quantity Comparison of Varieties of Potato in order to Using in Food    Processing, AREEO, No. 82/155, 2003. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

4. Theoretical Study of Various Methods of Grape Drying and Determination of Most Suitable Retail Package for Raisin, AREEO, No. 82/504, 2004. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

5. The effect of fertilizer on the physical and chemicals properties, and phytoestrogen content of commercial pomegranate cultivars in Yazd province, AREEO, No. 83/1550, 2004. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

6. Evaluation courts of Iran in order to improvement quality and marketing raisin in Takestan, AREEO, No. 42390, 2012. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

7. Feasibility Study of Producing of Wheat Straw/Polyethylene Biodegradable Composites, as a Packaging Food Material and Study its Various Features, AREEO, No. 42840, 2013 (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

8. Study on the Possibility of Reducing or Elimination of SO 2 during Red Fakhri Grape Storage, AREEO, No. 43898, 2013 (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

9. The effect of a chitosan-based nano-emulsion on extending the shelf life of apricot, AREEO, No. 44007, 2013. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

10. Studying the effect of chitosan-based nano-emulsion coating on extending the shelf life of apple var. Golab, AREEO, No. 44008, 2013. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

11. Production of snack by using wheat germ, AREEO, No. 45872, 2013. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).

12. Investigation of the possibility of eliminating the natural flavor (color and smell) of wheat straw/LDPE biocomposite for packaging application, AREEO, No. 45874, 2014. (Abstract in English, Details in Persian).



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