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Research Departments  » Machinery and Mechanization

The department comprises of three research divisions namely:

  • Application and Optimization of Machinery and Agricultural Equipment,
  • Fixed Agricultural Systems and Structures Engineering,
  • Advanced Technologies in Agriculture.

The main objectives and tasks of this department include:

  • Designing and manufacturing samples of agricultural machinery and equipment and evaluating and optimizing them,
  • Developing clean and renewable energies,
  • Selecting appropriate technologies for producing agricultural machinery, as well as research on the current state of the country's mechanization and providing appropriate models, specific to the each crop and region.

Achieving maximum production efficiency in agriculture by managing technology creation processes (designing new machines and equipment and improving existing machines), selecting and applying appropriate and new technologies based on knowledge in agriculture and through research, extension, and knowledge transfer, are some key pivot priorities of the department. However, in the followings some major research priorities of the department are presented in more detail: 

  • Application of conservation tillage and crop residue management techniques,
  • Reduce the use of pesticides and weeds control in order to achieve sustainable agriculture and integrated control,
  • Reduction of crop wastes and losses in harvesting agricultural products,
  • Application of new technologies in agriculture (precision agriculture, non-destructive testing technology, nanotechnology, intelligent and expert systems, etc.) in order to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products,
  • Improving mechanical capacity, energy efficiency, and efficiency of agricultural machinery,
  • Optimal use of renewable energy and reducing fossil energy consumption in order to provide solutions to reduce energy consumption,
  • Select the appropriate technologies for the mechanized produce of different crops.

The department has the specialized laboratories and workshops namely as follow:

  • Agricultural Machine Sample Workshop
  • Soil Dynamics-Machine Laboratory (Soil Bin)
  • Laboratory of New Technologies in Bio-System Engineering
  • Agricultural Dryers Laboratory
  • Oil monitoring laboratory
  • Bioenergy Laboratory



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