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Agricultural Engineering Research Institute (AERI), a Subsidiary to Agricultural Research, Education and  Extension Organization (AREEO), was established in 1988 to address research issues related to Agricultural Engineering.
AERI, considering the needs of executive departments in the field of technical and engineering problems and issues of the agricultural sector, by identifying its mandate and research priorities was established in 1988.
AERI headquarter is located in Karaj city (Alborz Province) in 40 Km distance from west of Tehran (Iran Capital).
In order to implement the results of research activities and demand-driven research, this institute has been one of the leading institutions and in total more than 70% of the projects have been customized and commissioned  by various executive bodies and private sector.In recent years, good interaction a communication have been established with the private sector, and many technological researches has been defined and implemented jointly with the private sector in various fields.
The AERI institute currently has subdivision in 14 provincial agricultural research centers including East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil (Moghan), Khuzestan (Ahwaz), Kerman, Isfahan, Golestan, Fars, Khorasan Razavi, Hamedan, Semnan (Shahroud), Jiroft and Kahnooj, Safiabad (Dezful), and Markazi. It also has research collaborators in 6 research centers (Gilan, Qazvin, Hormozgan, Charmahal Bakhtiari, North Khorasan, and Tehran).
In order to transfer findings and research achievements at the national level to farmers and other beneficiaries, the AERI institute has so far implemented several research pilots with the participation of related executive bodies in the relevant ministry (Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture) in areas of " Improving Irrigation Management","Conservation Agriculture" and "Enhancing Wheat Yield" in the different provinces of country.
The institute declares its readiness to provide any services, scientific-technical, and consulting services to the private sector and executive bodies in the relevant specialized fields explained in the site.