Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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                                                  Greenhouse Engineering Research Division



Research activity in greenhouse engineering department is mainly centered on greenhouses structure, environmental control equipments and irrigation and drainage as well as postharvest technology. Structure and environmental control equipment activities include structure research and installation and evaluation of mechanization level, technical and economic efficiency and development of national standards. Evaluation and optimization of various micro-irrigation systems, improving irrigation management and study with regards to water use problem in greenhouse (improper management of irrigation, fertigation, improper structure and hydroponic methods) are the major tasks.  Study of the harvest and postharvest problems, preserving nutritional value and quality, reduction of commodity losses and study of shelf life of various greenhouse products are the tasks of postharvest technology unit.


Departmental/Divisional Staff


Name and Surname


Head of Department/Division

Davood Momeni


Deputy Head of Department/Division





Academic/Scientific Staff

Ghasem Zarei



Farahnaz Sohrab



Farzad Azad Shahraki





Research Assistant Staff

Gita Hosseini





Administrative and Technical Staff

Farhad Ghasemi