Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Surface Irrigation
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Research Division Surface Irrigation Sub-division

Due to necessity of conservation of soil, water and increase in water productivity, the irrigation and drainage Engineering Research Department is responsible to conduct research on the areas of surface irrigation and drainage systems since 1988.
The main objective of the department is research on all aspects of irrigation and drainage networks and traditional surface irrigation systems. Research on methods of improvements in agricultural Water Use Efficiency (WUE), Water Productivity (WP) and Irrigation Efficiency (E) under surface irrigation systems, determination of optimum level of deficit irrigation, management and use of marginal waters for crop production, and evaluation and management issues of irrigation and drainage schemes are some of research priorities of the discipline. following are some of the projects already conducted: canal lining, new techniques in surface irrigation, drainage and soil reclamation, use of marginal waters in agriculture, operation and maintenance (O&M) of irrigation and drainage networks, drainage materials and envelopes, deficit irrigation, determination of water use efficiency, water saving techniques, and determination and evaluation of WUE of agricultural crops both in field and basin scales.

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